Conference and Forum Activities


Conference and Forum Activities

Virtual IGARSS 2020 TIE Webinar IDEA Events

Inspire & Empower Women in STEM Panel

As part of the IGARSS 2020 Virtual TIE Webinar series, we partnered with Women in Science and Engineering – Environment (WISE-E) to hold an exciting meeting of successful women in STEM from around the world. Wealso announced the winners from our Women in Geoscience #InspireUs photo competition

Watch the full event and panelist videos on the GRSS YouTube channel!

Diversity & Inclusion Fireside Chat

As part of the IGARSS 2020 Virtual TIE Webinar series, we held an informal fireside chat with three leading women in the diversity and inclusion space to learn about different types of D, E, and I initiatives, how to measure success, and what makes an initiative impactful.

Women in GRSS at M2GARSS 2020

At the M2GARSS 2020 conference in Tunisia, a Young Professionals (YP) and Women in GRSS (WinGRSS) mixer was held. The mixer was a great opportunity to bring researchers of different nationalities and ages together and build a networking forum for sharing ideas and experiences. Organizing the mixer with the GRSS YP team added a special perspective to the event, shedding light on the position of young women researchers and engineers in the geoscience and remote sensing field in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the challenges they are facing, and strategies to overcome such challenges and build a successful career.