The Inspire, Develop, Empower, Advance (IDEA) Program

Our Mission

The IDEA Program shall Inspire, Develop, Empower, and Advance (IDEA) all GRSS members and affiliates of accredited societies who are interested in the fields of interest of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). We celebrate, support and thrive on our differences for the benefit of our members and our GRSS community. The committee is responsible for planning and organizing activities across regions, chapters, and conferences to develop, empower, and advance engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds (technical, regional, gender, etc.), and inspire members around the world to follow their technical interests to a career in geoscience and remote sensing. The committee also strives to inspire a future generation of engineers and scientists through various groups working with students at all levels of academics. The IDEA committee envisions a vibrant GRSS community collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefit of humanity. Click here to learn more about the committee or sign up for our mailing list!


Our Initiatives

Women Mentoring Women

IDEA Women Mentoring Women Mentorship is an incredible experience that strongly benefits both the mentee and mentor. Our Women Mentoring Women program seeks to connect

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Who We Are

Vicky Vanthof

IDEA Co-Chair, University of Waterloo

Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia

IDEA Co-Chair, MJCET, Hyderabad

Heather McNairn

DEIAB Co-chair, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Margot Fleming

WMW Lead, University of Waterloo

Stephanie Tumampos

Social Media Lead, Technical University of Munich

Qian Song

Microgrants Lead, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Pubali Mukherjee

Member, Indian Institute of technology Mumbai, India

Mariko Burgin

Member, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Ashish Mishra

Webpage Manager, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee

Sunni Kanta Prasad Kushwaha

Conference Lead, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee

Kassim Kalinaki

Member, Islamic University in Uganda

Hamid Jafarzadeh

Member, Memorial University

Muhammad Kamran

Member, JDPSR - Tokyo