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Women Mentoring Women

Our upcoming column features guest author Juliet Hall who moderated the Inspire andEmpower Panel during our IGARSS 2020 TIE Webinar. Juliet shares take home messagesfrom the panel and our Women in Geoscience #InspireUs photo contest winners.

In this issue, we talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on IDEA activities, and we describeour planned events as part the virtual IGARSS 2020 TIE Forum Webinar series. Read more

Guest author and IDEA committee member Fairouz Stambouli recounts Women in GRSS activities as part of the 2020 IEEE Mediterranean and Middle-East Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (M2GARSS) held 9–11 March at the Ramada Plaza Tunis, Tunisia. Read more

IDEA committee co-chairs Keely Roth and Shawn Kefauver discuss the transition of Women in GRSS into the Inspire, Develop, Empower, and Advance Program, broadening our effortsto expand diversity, equity, and inclusion within GRSS. Read more