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Microwave Remote Sensing Workshop

The Microwave Remote Sensing Workshop at the University of Michigan took place from 8:30AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time on Saturday, November 23, 2019, in room 2246 of the Climate and Space Research Building (CSRB). Ten presenters gave their views on the latest advances in the field. www.grss-ieee.org/microwave-remote-sensing-workshop-2019/

Big Earth Data: The Digitized Planet

A 53min TV documentary illustrating the challenges and opportunities of Big Data in the Earth sciences.

Young Professionals in Space

Tutorials on issues related to designing satellites for use in space. YP in space2018_bcn_all_slides_lab_sesssions_x2 from adrianocamps YP in space2018_bcn_all_slides_theory_x2 from adrianocamps

Toward a settlements global archive – Paolo Gamba

Natural Hazards in California

Southern California experiences its fair share of exposure to risks from natural hazards, e.g. wildfires, debris flows, and earthquakes. Geosciences and remote sensing applications continue to increase our understanding and help to mitigate these risks. This panel event brings together a few local southern California players involved in both advancing …

Educatel Teledetección

Esta web está orientada a facilitar recursos (en español, preferentemente) a los docentes en teledetección o asignaturas afines (sistemas de información geográfica, fotogrametría, análisis de imágenes, etc.) donde se trate esta materia. Pretende servir como portal de referencia para compartir experiencias y materiales en la docencia de esta disciplina de …

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