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Mar 02
Tune in to get and overview of mathematical morphology and its applications in geosciences, remotely sensed satellite data and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) processing and analysis, as well as geospatial data sciences. Especially important to those interested in image processing and analysis, remote sensing and geosciences, geographical information sciences, spatial statistics, and mathematical morphology, mapping of earth-like planetary surfaces, etc.
Mar 03
In the first of a 3-part webinar series, Dr. Mariko Burgin, the Executive VP of GRSS, will introduce the structure of the GRSS Administrative Committee, or AdCom. She will introduce the different portfolios and the roles of the Vice Presidents (VPs) and Directors of the Society.
Mar 09
This webinar will give an overview of how to generate robust and transferable urban material gradients from Hyperspectral data. Many studies analyzing spaceborne hyperspectral images (HSIs) have so far struggled to deal with a lack of pure pixels due to complex mixtures of urban surface materials. Recently, an alternative concept of gradients in urban surface material composition has been proposed and successfully applied to map cities with spaceborne HSIs without the requirement for a previous determination of pure pixels. This concept presents a promising approach to tackle urban mapping using spaceborne HSIs.
Mar 17
In the second part of this webinar series. Dr. Steve Reising, the GRSS Secretary, will present the way the meetings by the GRSS AdCom are structured, the live and consent agenda items, and the annual Strategic Planning meeting. He will explain which are the topics discussed at the AdCom meetings and, among them, those that require a vote. He will also explain how AdCom manages GRSS publications and conferences.
Mar 29
In the third part of this webinar Series, Paolo Gamba, GRSS Nominations Committee Chair, will introduce the procedures for the nominations and the elections of the members of the AdCom. He will also provide insights on the different roles of the AdCom at large that are open to all volunteers, upon appointment by the GRSS President.
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