Specialty Conferences

Upcoming events as of December, 2019

Short Title: Fall PIERS 2019
Dates: 17-19 Dec, 2019
Full Title: Photonics & Electromagnetics Research Symposium
Location: Xiamen, China
Contact: Qing Huo Liu
Email: qhliu@duke.edu; leutsang@umich.edu
Web Site: www.piers.org/piers2019Xiamen/

Short Title: ICMO
Dates: 28-31 Dec, 2019
Full Title: International Conference on Meteorological Observations
Location: Chengdu, China
Contact: V.Chandrasekar
Email: chandra@colostate.edu
Web Site: icmo2019.cuit.edu.cn

Short Title: MicroRad 2020
Dates: was: 23-27 Mar, 2020. POSTPONED
Full Title: 16th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment
Location: Firenze, Italy
Contact: Marco Brogioni
Email: m.brogioni@ifac.cnr.it
Web Site: www.microrad2020.it

Short Title: STRATUS 2020
Dates: 18-20 May 2020
Full Title: Systems and Technologies for Remote Sensing Applications Through Unmanned Aerial Systems
Location: University at Buffalo
Contact: Emmett Ientilucci
Email: Emmett@cis.rit.edu
Web Site: stratus-conference.com

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