Technical Co-Sponsorship

Types of Sponsorships offered by GRSS

Conferences may apply to have GRSS Financial Co-Sponsorship (FCS) or Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS):

Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS)

GRSS will not have financial responsibility. It actively participates in the conference technical-program committee, but accepts no financial or legal liability for the conference. The organization that has financial sponsorship of the symposium must be explicitly identified in the supporting documentation and promotional material for technical co-sponsorship to be granted. The IEEE name may not be used in the conference title but, the IEEE and/or GRSS logo may be used in conference publications and promotional materials.

Technical Co-Sponsorship Submission

The organizers of the symposium must send a formal proposal to the GRSS
Vice President of Meetings and Symposia to initiate the process of obtaining
technical co-sponsorship from IEEE GRSS. Please note that if the proposed
conference conflicts with any other major GRSS-sponsored conference, it
might not be considered for TCS or FCS approval.

Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS)
Click here to submit the on-line form.

Technical Co-sponsorship Timeline

TCS Steps

CS Steps

Step 1. Apply for GRSS Sponsorship through link above
Step 2. Approval by GRSS AdCOM, agreement on conference fee
Step 3. Notification by Specialty Symposium Chair
Step 4. Use of GRSS logo in Conference website
The following additional steps are required for IEEE sponsorship for posting on IEEE Xplore.
Step 5. Apply to IEEE through IEEE MCE website:
Step 6. Approval by GRSS and IEEE
Step 7. Signing of MOU with GRSS and IEEE
Step 8. Use of IEEE Logo on Conference website
Step 9. Submission of Conference Publication form to IEEE MCE and then Receive Letter of Acquisition from IEEE
Step 10. Arrange IEEE Copyright forms to be signed by authors
Step 11. Submit CD of papers for review by GRSS. Contact the GRSS Webmaster ( to upload the proceedings.
Step 12. Cross Check by GRSS Conference Publications Committee and approval
Step 13. Submission of CD of papers by mail to IEEE MCE
Step 14. A possibility that the Conference is selected for review by IEEE Conference Quality Committee. Three possible outcomes:
  1. Rejection,
  2. Removal of papers and resubmission, or
  3. Approval (can cause considerable delay in posting on Xplore)
Step 15. Final approval by IEEE for posting