Financial Co-Sponsorship

Types of Sponsorships offered by GRSS

Conferences may apply to have GRSS Financial Co-Sponsorship (FCS) or Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS):

Financial Co-Sponsorship (FCS)

GRSS will share financial responsibility for the conference, including bank accounts, contracts, deficits, surplus, and other financial obligations. In addition, GRSS is responsible for assuring the timely resolution of any legal issues, for issuing any loans that the conference might need, and assuring subsequent repayment, for defining the scope of the conference and managing the technical program. The conference can use the IEEE logo in all publications and announcements. Specific approvals from IEEE are required.

In addition to this form, the Organizers will need to submit a budget estimate and a MoU. For accessing the related templates, please contact the Specialty Symposia Chair at:


Detailed Timeline of the Process

FCS Steps

Step 1. Application Submission to GRSS (see above)
Step 2. MoU Approval through IEEE Conference Application Form Website
Step 3. Open Bank Account for Conference
Step 4. Statement of Work with Services Company
Step 5. Final Budget Estimate
Step 6. IEEE Approval of Statement of Work
Step 7. Activate IEEE Conference Insurance
Step 8. IEEE Letter of Acquisition, Conference Publication Form, and IEEE e-Copyright Site
Step 9. Contract with Venue
Step 10. Conference Website
Step 11. Paper Submissions
Step 12. Paper Review Process
Step 13. Notifications & Special Initiatives
Step 14. E-Copyright Transfer Report and Packing List for IEEE Xplore Submission
Step 15. Reporting to GRSS
Step 16. IEEE Technical Program Questionnaire
Step 17. Closing Financial ActionsDetailed FCS process can be downloaded here