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25 Jun 2021
Smart Ice Cloud Sensing (SMICES) that will enable both multi-angle and multi-resolution measurements of cloud ice particles size and shape within the tropospheric temperature and water vapor profile context.
02 Jul 2021
We are living through a golden age of SAR as commercial satellite imagery providers are rapidly deploying constellations with the latest innovative small satellite designs. As new space companies like Capella shatter supply constraints in Earth observation technology, corporations and individual users are now accessing SAR data for the first time.
04 Aug 2021
In this talk, firstly, the problem known as blind source separation (BSS) as well as the main associated methods will be considered: a general overview of this problem as well as the main classes of methods will be presented. Then, and in the field of remote sensing, unsupervised unmixing methods, which are related to the BSS problem, will be considered.
28 Sep 2021
The 1st DESIS User Workshop will be held from Tuesday, 28th of September to Friday, 1st of October 2021. Workshop attendance is free, open and fully online.
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