Global Activities

GRSS activities are global in nature – solving science problems at global scales, developing instruments with global coverage, and coordinating ground truth collections on all continents, to name a few. IEEE GRSS thrives on its relationships with people and organizations around the world as we cooperatively work toward common goals. The Global Activities Directorate strives to expand its relationships in areas of the world where GRSS has traditionally had a limited presence. The directorate supports the regions of Africa, Asia Pacific, China, India, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, and North America through regional liaisons listed below. In addition, the directorate fosters relationships with global organizations with similar collaborative goals such as GEO and like-minded national societies.

Please contact our liaisons with your ideas for developing chapters, connecting GRSS to similar activities in your area, arrange for workshops, conferences, or training, or anything else that you think will grow our community.

Asia Pacific: Shiv Mohan
Sub-Saharan Africa: Anthony Vodacek
Latin America: Carlos Lopez-Martinez
North America: Dalton Lunga
Middle East and North Africa: Riadh Abdelfattah
Europe: Silvia Ullo