How to Book a Speaker

How to Book a Speaker

Requests for a lecture by one of the Distinguished Speakers is initiated by the local chapter with approval by the GRSS. The chapter contacts the speaker and after agreement is reached on the details of the visit, the chapter submits an application form to the Distinguished Speakers program chairperson.

Support for a speaker is limited to $1500 per domestic trip and $3000 for a trip between continents. No honorarium is to be paid to the speakers who are members of this program (but chapters can provide meals, local transportation, etc. as appropriate).

As of 22 April 2022, in line with the advice of health authorities regarding current pandemic risks and a return to in-person meetings and domestic and international travel in many regions, the current IEEE pandemic travel policy is as follows:

  1. All IEEE Volunteer travel and associated meetings must adhere to all appropriate guidance from cognizant local public health authorities. Local policies around meetings and travel vary across the globe and continue to evolve
  2. Volunteers engaged in IEEE related travel and in-person activities acknowledge the continuing risk of exposure to COVID-19. Volunteers should understand that IEEE will not indemnify them for any health risk or economic or other loss resulting from exposure to COVID-19 during IEEE activities
  3. IEEE will not reimburse costs associated with mandatory or self-quarantine or isolation associated with IEEE Volunteer travel. If there is a risk of quarantine on entering or departing an area, IEEE Volunteers should instead plan to participate virtually when possible using IEEE video and teleconferencing tools
  4. For any questions, contact the Distinguished Speakers Program Chair at:

The following are the steps to book a speaker.

  1. Chapter contacts the speaker and arranges details of the visit;
  2. The Chapter submits a proposal to the chair of the Distinguished Speaker program. This should include (see application form):
    • Speaker’s name with title and abstract for talk;
    • Description of event (e.g. chapter meeting);
    • Travel plan (details of travel to be funded)
    • Budget (airfare, rental car, hotel, meal allowance, etc)*
  3. Chapter and Speaker are informed by the GRSS of approval;
  4. Event takes place;
  5. Reimbursement to Speaker
    • Speaker submits IEEE expense voucher for reimbursement;
    • Voucher must conform to approved budget;
    • IEEE/GRSS reimburses speaker.