Past Events

01 Dec 2022
The presentation will summarize the potential advantages and applications of 500 1400 MHz microwave radiometry for Earth observation and review recent experiments and demonstrations of these concepts. The presentation will also describe remaining questions and challenges to be addressed in advancing to future spaceborne operation of this technology along with recommendations for future research activities.
03 Nov 2022
In this talk, a brief overview of the lab activities will be presented first. Then, the evolution and limitations of Earth Observation (EO) using CubeSats will be explained to provide the context of the UPC CubeSat program, which started in 2007 as a way to test innovative remote sensors. Finally, the past, present, and future UPC CubeSat missions and payloads will be described in detail, including L-band microwave radiometers, GNSS-Reflectometers, VNIR imagers, and IoT communication systems for on-demand EO services.
03 Oct 2022
As the IEEE GRSS IADF, we are pleased to announce our first school on Computer Vision for Earth Observation (CV4EO). This school will focus on applying CV methods to address challenges in remote sensing and contain a series of lectures on the existing methods utilized for analyzing satellite images, along with the challenges encountered.