Past Events

19 Jul 2022
July 19th-20th, New Orleans, Louisiana - hybrid/virtual - in conjuction with the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2022 Conference 
07 Jul 2022
We constructed the “WALL-E” lidar system emitting linear and elliptical polarized light and detecting various states of polarization of the backscattered light. Herein we present measurements of oriented rain and ice particles acquired in Athens, Greece, and first dust orientation measurements acquired during the ESA Campaign “ASKOS” at Minelo, Cabo Verde, on June 2022.
23 May 2022
This symposium focuses on how Earth observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.
22 Mar 2022
In this presentation we like to introduce the new GRSS technical committee (TC) named Remote sensing Environment, Analysis and Climate Technologies Technical Committee (REACT TC) that has the goal to be a venue for all scientists and engineers in the domain of environment and the impact on the environment due to climate change forcing in order to exchange ideas and share knowledge.