Europa Clipper’s REASON Sounding Radar – Flight Electronics Implementation and Ground Testing

The Radar for Europa Assessment and Sounding: Ocean to Near-surface (REASON) is a dual-frequency (9-MHz HF, 60-MHz VHF) radar that will collect the first ever science data set below the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. In this talk, I will introduce the instrument specifications and operating concept unique to making “flyby” radar observations of Europa (approach, nadir closest approach, and departure) over the course of the mission.

Fourth GRSS Student Grand Challenge (SGC)

Fourth GRSS Student Grand Challenge (SGC)

The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) is announcing the Fourth GRSS Student Grand Challenge (SGC) which will allow student teams to develop image processing and classification techniques for detection and tracking of whales using spaceborne remote sensing data.

Image Analysis

Earth at Risk Image Contest Public Voting

The IEEE GRSS Young Professionals and REACT Technical Committee (Remote sensing Environment, Analysis and Climate Technologies) are pleased to announce the image contest “Earth at Risk” organized in conjunction with the mini-projects for sustainable development goals competition.

Young Professionals

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