Evaluation of Requests

GRSS evaluates the proposed meeting
Once this information is obtained the GRSS AdCom will evaluate the proposal. The most important issues in which GRSS will discuss are 1) the value of the meeting to the GRSS membership; 2) does the symposium technical program reflect IEEE standards; and in case of financial co-sponsorship 3) the budget coherence and sustainability. Generally, a decision will be made at regularly scheduled AdCom meetings which are held in March, July and November. If an urgent approval is required, it may be electronically voted. However, please notice that even in the electronic vote, it takes more than three weeks.

Initial recommendation from GRSS
Once GRSS has reviewed the application, GRSS will inform the Applicants: 1) if the Society wishes to further consider the proposal and 2) if there are any additional GRSS conditions to move forward with the application. Such recommendations or requests may include changes to:

In case of FCS: the organizing and technical committees, the review process, and to the financial conditions and budget estimate.

In case of TCS: the review process, the technical committee, if any TCS-related fees will be required.

Once all of the identified issues (if any) have been addressed GRSS may recommend proceeding with the on-line IEEE application. In most cases an initial recommendation may take one to two weeks, however, if the proposal involves an entirely new activity, a full discussion with the GRSS AdCom may be required. In the latter case, the recommendation may take up to three months.

Proceeding with IEEE on-line
Once you receive notification from GRSS that your application has been approved, then the IEEE application can be completed using the link given in the response email. Within the IEEE online application the conference organizer will be asked if approval has been obtained from the IEEE Organizational Unit (OU) sponsoring the meeting. The applicant should answer yes, as we will have successfully pre-coordinated the details of the FCS or TCS. In the case of FCS, you will need to specify the percentage of financial co-sponsorship agreed beforehand with GRSS. In the TCS, you will need to put in the form such percentage to 0% (i.e., no financial co-sponsorship from GRSS).

Completion of the on-line application will automatically generate a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IEEE, GRSS (and any other IEEE OU which has agreed to sponsor the meeting), and the conference organizers. The MoU will then be available for IEEE to review.

MoU review and approval
Once the MoU is generated, IEEE will route it to each signatory (GRSS, and the conference PoC), for their review, comment and approval. This process is conducted on-line by IEEE. Once the MoU is approved by all signatories, the final executed version of the MoU is distributed and available for record.