Initiatives Under Development


Initiatives Under Development

Survey on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in GRSS

In 2021, we hope to launch the first society-wide survey on diversity, equity, and inclusion within GRSS. Survey results will helpus define baseline metrics and targets for our program and enable us to strategically developinitiatives to have the greatest impact.

GRSS Publications & Awards

Our Publications & Awards pilot initiative is led by IDEA committee member Alina Zare. The aim of this initiative is to assess diversity, equity, and inclusion within GRSS publications andawards, and actively develop strategies to increase them.

GRSS IDEA-Industry Collaboration

We are working with the GRSS Industry team to highlight diversity, equity, and inclusionefforts within geospatial industry. We envision holding technical events emphasizing diverse speakers, connecting companies at different stages of developing their D, E, and I efforts,and creating more transparency around DEI statistics within industry.

Women in Africa

Our Women in Africa pilot initiative is led by IDEA committee member Nkeiruka Onyia. The aim is to develop and expand GRSS activities and membership among women in African countries who are learning and working in geosciences and remote sensing. We plan to assemble chapter launch materials and a support network for new chapters within this initiative.