Best Local YP Chapter Activity 2023

Best Local YP Chapter Activity 2023

The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Young Professionals launched the “Best Local YP Activity of the Year 2023” challenge, with an aim to foster local initiatives engaging the Young Professionals community. Five GRSS chapters participated and competed, each showcasing impactful YP initiatives. Let’s take a closer look into the outstanding contributions of these chapters:

GRSS Bangalore Chapter

The Bangalore Chapter hosted a three-day hackathon titled “Student Hackathon on Geospatial Technology for Sustainable Development (GTSD).” Students from undergraduate to postdoctoral levels from different universities across India were invited to develop innovative solutions addressing sustainable development goals (SDGs), such as clean water, sustainable cities, and disaster management. Participants collaborated and received guidance through brief sessions on QGIS, GitHub, and other tools. The hackathon concluded with team presentations, with participants working within five research tracks derived from specific SDGs. Feedback from the jury expanded the participants’ perspectives. The event attracted 64 participants, with top teams winning cash prizes. It resulted in innovative, open-source solutions available on GitHub. Students and young professionals benefitted from hands-on experience, broadened horizons, and the collaborative spirit of the event.


GRSS Wuhan Chapter

The Wuhan Chapter conducted the “IEEE GRSS Wuhan Student Chapter 2023 Academic Report” at prominent universities in Wuhan. This academic gathering was hosted at both Wuhan University and China University of Geosciences, attracting hundreds of participants.  It served as a platform for distinguished professors, young scholars, and selected students to share pioneering research developments. The event fostered a vibrant academic exchange, enriching the knowledge base of young professionals.


GRSS Kolkata Chapter

The GRSS Kolkata Chapter unveiled the “2023 IEEE YP AI/ML Hackathon 1.0,” a dynamic event tailored for young p­­rofessionals. In the initial round, participants dived into AI/ML challenges, employing techniques such as data cleaning, visualization, and algorithm design to predict rainfall across 36 Indian regions based on data spanning from 1901 to 2014. As the event progressed, the most promising solutions emerged and were showcased during “Aarohon 2023” at NIT Durgapur. For many, this hackathon was a maiden voyage into the depths of machine learning. But it wasn’t just a technical expedition. Participants had the chance to foster their presentation skills and delve deeper into the integral role GRSS plays within the IEEE community. Organized entirely by young professionals, the hackathon was not only a learning platform for the participants but also a blueprint for hosting future IEEE events. The event garnered significant interest, drawing in 62 participants, of which 15 were IEEE members and 47 were guests.


GRSS Changchun Chapter

Under the banner “A YP exchange that broadens horizons and improves skills”, the Changchun Chapter arranged an insightful event where experts from the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences presented on advanced remote sensing technologies. To foster practical exposure, an informative visit to “Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.” was organized, where members got a comprehensive overview of satellite technologies and their application chain. The event was instrumental in reflecting on current technological challenges and potential future research directions. This session, attended by 70 individuals, successfully facilitated academic exchanges, strengthened industry-academia partnerships, and recruited potential members for the chapter. The event not only bridged the gap between academia and industry but also gave insights into current technological bottlenecks, urging members to reflect on future research directions.


GRSS Malaysia Chapter

The GRSS Malaysia Chapter hosted the “Understanding Our Environment Through Remote Sensing Technology” workshop at SMK Melaka Tinggi. this half-day workshop was designed to delve into remote sensing technologies and their applications. The high-school students learned about optical, hyperspectral, SAR, and other remote sensing tools. In an engaging format, students split into two groups. The first group focused on aerial image analysis, learning Python programming for plant information extraction. Meanwhile, the second group was introduced to IoT sensors for air quality index measurements, including a hands-on demonstration. The finale was a challenging task where students improved coding for tree count accuracy and collected air pollution index data for comprehensive air quality mapping. The day concluded with presentations and certificate distributions to the top 3 winners from each group. The workshop not only spread awareness about remote sensing technologies to high-school students but also challenged them hands-on, enhancing their practical skills. This initiative is a part of a series, with two more workshops scheduled for 2023, targeting other schools in Melaka.


Winner Announcement:

After thorough evaluation of the outstanding contributions from all chapters, their resonating impact, and the enrichment they brought to their local YP communities, we are glad to announce the outcome of the Best Local YP Chapter Activity of the Year 2023!

Winner: GRSS Changchun Chapter

We are immensely impressed by the Changchun Chapter’s holistic approach to blending academic expertise with hands-on industry exposure. Their initiative not only bridged the industry-academia gap but also facilitated thought leadership, helping members reflect on current technological bottlenecks and future research directions.



Runner-up: GRSS Bangalore Chapter

Chosen for their ability to draw a diverse student participation from across India, the Bangalore Chapter’s hackathon offered a unique platform for innovation. Their event significantly enriched the Indian Young Professionals community, emphasizing real-world applications and fostering nationwide collaboration in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



However, all initiatives were outstanding, and choosing a winner was not an easy task. We deeply appreciate the hard work, commitment, and passion demonstrated by all participating chapters. Their achievements have added immense value to our global community. Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thanks to all our chapters for their continued dedication and impactful activities.

We are excited to also announce the call for participation in the second edition of the Best Local YP Chapter Activity 2024. We hope to see an even larger turnout of chapters joining this initiative, showcasing their valuable contributions to the Young Professionals community. Let’s continue to inspire, innovate, and make a difference together! Apply now using this form by October 30, 2023