Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Onboard Satellite

European Space Agency (ESA) ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Deadline: December 20, 2020

The purpose of this Research Fellowship is to investigate potential AI approaches to support higher- accuracy geo-bio-physical variable retrieval from massive CHIME data sets. In addition, the prefiltering of relevant (e.g. cloud-) contaminated data on board the satellite after data acquisition for transmission down to ground depending on ground targets needs is to be analysed and tested.

Preference will be given to candidates awarded their doctorate within the past five years.

Requirements Include:

  • You should have recently completed, or be close to completion of a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Information Technology or similar Engineering domains
  • Earth observation application experience
  • Solid AI-related Information Technology background with preferable background in Earth observation image processing
  • A Proven experience in artificial intelligence, data science, hyperspectral image processing, computer vision and optics
  • Solid programming skills in Python, Matlab, C++ or other high-level programming languages
  • Proven experience in leading research, with track record of publications,
  • A good knowledge of English or French is required

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