IGARSS 2020: COVID-19 Updates

May 28, 2020

As we continue to monitor and address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and challenges, IGARSS 2020 Organizing Committee, GRSS leadership, and IEEE legal team have been negotiating with the conference venue on options that allow us to conduct the conference in a safe and responsible manner. As the COVID-19 pandemic causes global travel challenges and restrictions, a highly likely outcome of this negotiation is a declaration of Force Majeure in which the venue is not accessible for the conference. In order to accommodate a number of possible situations, IGARSS 2020 Organizing Committee has extended the deadlines for paper submission/early registration, adapted a technical session format that can accommodate both physical and virtual participants, and a new (reduced) registration fee for virtual participants/attendees. Registration fee for physical participation will be announced at a later date if travel restrictions to the conference venue in Hawaii are lifted. IGARSS 2020 is committed to providing the best possible conference experience, including real-time physical and/or virtual interactions, to all attendees. We appreciate your patience and support during this challenging and uncertain time. Following are the updated information:

Updated due dates:
– Full paper submission: June 12, 2020
– Early registration: June 1, 2020 – June 22, 2020

New: registration fee for virtual participants/attendees:
– For presenting author: 120 USD/paper
– For non-presenting attendees (non-authors): 10 USD
New: 5-min video recording of paper presentation

Continuing our theme of a more open and interactive conference, and to accommodate both physical and virtual participants, all presenting authors are requested to upload a 5-min video recording of their presentation from June 19 to June 30. Videos will be posted on the conference website and will be viewable by all IGARSS registered attendees from one week before the conference through the end of the conference; each video recording will be run in the designated time slot of the session and follow by 5-min Q&A. More details about video presentation upload and a sample video recording will be provided by June 19.

As our negotiation with the conference venue is progressing and global travel conditions are evolving, we will update you about IGARSS 2020 conference preparation through this website on a regular basis.

Bill Emery and Adriano Camps, General Chair and Co-Chair, IGARSS 2020