Putting Imagery into Context from Science to Engineering

Putting Imagery into Context from Science to Engineering

Webinar Speaker: Mike Lapides, Capella Space, USA

Mike Lapides, Capella Space, USA

About the Webinar

We are living through a golden age of SAR as commercial satellite imagery providers are rapidly deploying constellations with the latest innovative small satellite designs. As new space companies like Capella shatter supply constraints in Earth observation technology, corporations and individual users are now accessing SAR data for the first time. Education is key to making this incredible technology intuitive and approachable for the market to grow and support a new generation of SAR users as they seek to make better decisions for our economy, environment and security.

Speakers’ Bio

Mike Lapides leads corporate marketing for Capella Space, the first and only US SAR constellation operator. With over 10 years experience in enterprise B2B software marketing, Mike has led messaging, digital, PR, events and content initiatives for several geospatial and remote sensing companies including Israeli Aerospace Industries, Orbital Insight and Capella Space.