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IEEE GRSS Hyperspectral Cal/Val Workshop

Edinburgh, UK

Oct 7-9, 2015







Standards for hyperspectral imagery and calibration and validation of the data have been under development for many years. The ISO standards are a group of related standards that all work together so that new standards only need define the “new stuff” and can refer to the “existing stuff” that they need. In particular, the standards for hyperspectral cal/val, which this workshop is about, are part of the dozens of standards that the ISO Technical Committee on Geographic Information (ISO TC 211) has produced. ISO 19159-1 is the standard for cal/val of optical sensors, hyperspectral being one subset. However, it refers to ISO 19159 for much of the other information related to cal/val of any remotely-sensed data. ISO 19159 in turn refers to other standards for related information, such as ISO 19101, which is a reference model for geographic information of many kinds, not just remotely-sensed, and not just imagery. What this means is that in order to understand any one standard, you really need to understand dozens, those that are interlinked to the one you care about through these infomration-sharing linkages. Below are links to on-line versions of some of these standards. Because ISO standards must be purchased, these tend to be pre-release versions, but they are still useful for getting the gist of the standards.

References related to ISO 19159-1

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Select CEOS Cal/Val Documents

CEOS Cal/Val site

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Hyperspectral Cal/Val papers and presentations

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References related to spectral databases:

Standards for making measurements

Using Spectral Databases: Salvaggio, 2005


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