SEO New Member Enrollment

Hi new members!

If you would like to be kept informed about the activities of the GRSS Standards Committee, or any of the projects it has sponsored, please subscribe to one or more of the following email lists. 

To be added to a list, send an email from the account where you wish to receive emails to a blank subject and the following in the body (do not include the brackets):

    1. GRSS Standards Committee:
      subscribe GRSS-SC <first name> <last name>
    2. Characterization and Calibration of Hyperspectral Imaging Devices Working Group (P4001):
      subscribe STDS-HYPERSPECTRAL <first name> <last name>
    3. Synthetic Aperture Radar Metadata Content Working Group (P4002):
      subscribe STDS-SAR <first name> <last name>
    4. Global Navigation Satellite System-Reflectometry Data and Metadata Content Working Group(P4003):
      subscribe  STDS-P4003 <first name> <last name>
    5. Calibration of microwave radiometers Working Group (P4004):
      subscribe STDS-P4004 <first name> <last name>
    6. Standards and protocols for soil spectroscopy Working Group (P4005):
      subscribe STDS-P4005 <first name> <last name>
    7. Remote Sensing RFI Impact Assessment Working Group (P4006):
      subscribe STDS-P4006 <first name> <last name>

To unsubscribe from a mailing list, send an email to with a blank subject and the word “unsubscribe” in place of “subscribe” in any of the above commands.

To learn more about the available listserv email commands, send an email to with a blank subject and INFO REFCARD in the body.

To become a member of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Standards Committee (GRSS-SC), or one of its Working Groups, you will need to take the following steps. Detailed instructions can be found in the myProject Volunteer User Guide.  A summary is below.:

  1. If you don’t have an IEEE Web Account, create one by going to  Register for My Projects using the information in Section 2.
    • You do not need to be an IEEE member to have an IEEE Web Account, be a member of a Committee, or to be a voting member.
  2. To enroll in the GRSS-SC, or any of its Working Groups:
      • Go to and enter your IEEE Account username/email and password
        • Select “Sign in to myProject” and check box accepting the IEEE Privacy Policy
        • Under the Projects tab click on Manage Activity Profile
        • Select the groups that you want to join and click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen.
        • Select or type in your company/organization name and click the CONTINUE button.
        • Validate the Affiliation by clicking the YES button.
  3. Rules to become a voting member:
    • “To obtain voting membership an individual shall attend at least two of the three previous consecutive meetings.”

The Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Standards Committee (GRSS-SC) operates under the Policies and Procedures of the IEEE Standards Association. It sponsors the Project Authorization Requests (PARs) that result in the Working Groups that create IEEE-SA branded standards.

Thank you,

GRSS Standards TC Chairs