UAV Instrumentation and Data Processing Trophy 2021

UAV Instrumentation and Data Processing Trophy 2021

The reliance and demand on remote sensing instrumentation for uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) are increasing rapidly in almost all fields to support human activities. UAV systems become primary remote sensing platforms due to their advantage of flexibility and cost. The IEEE GRSS IFT Technical Committee is holding a competition on innovative instrumentations and data processing for UAVs. This inaugural competition aims to promote the civilian use of instruments and data processing techniques that could be implemented in future remote sensing applications. Projects in this comptetion will be judged emphasizing innovation, safety, capability, and technical excellence.

First winner (1 person/group): 5000 USD prize + Certificate
Second winner (1 person/group): 3000 USD prize + Certificate
Third winner (1 person/group): 1000 USD prize + Certificate
Nominee Awards (3 people/groups): Certificate

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Competition Reviewers:
Lead: Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Chiba University, Japan
Co-lead: Assoc. Prof. Wolfgang Rack, University of Canterbury, NZ

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