JSTARS Editorial Board

JSTARS Editorial Board

Bing Wang
Fudan University, China
Unmixing, Inverse Problem
Germán Olivares Pulido
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Ruben Fernandez-Beltran
University of Murcia, Spain,
Image processing, Data fusion
Tao Che
Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, CAS, China,
Snow/Ice Science
Tianzhu Liu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China,
Wetland, Coastal remote sensing
Tao Chen
China University of Geosciences, China, Geohazards, Landslide
Ayman F. Habib
Purdue University, USA,

Bailang Yu
East China Normal University, China,
Nighttime Light Remote Sensing

Erzhuo Che
Oregon State University, USA,
Lidar Remote Sensing, Geomatics

Lifan Zhou
Changshu Institution of Technology, China,
InSAR Signal Processing and Applications

Linh Truong-Hong
GeoNext BV., Netherlands,
LiDAR and Photogrammetry

Qian Zhao
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China,
Mathematics, AI

Silvia Liberata Ullo
Università degli Studi del Sannio, Italy

Yulin Ding
Southwest Jiaotong University, China
Geologic Hazards, Geographic Environments

Zhou Huang
Peking University, China
Geocomputation, GeoAI

Francesca Bovolo
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy,
Multitemporal remote sensing; change detection
Bjoen Waske
Freie Univ. Berlin, Germany
Multisensor Analysis Machine Learning, Land Cover and Agriculture
Fabio Pacifici
Digitalglobe, USA,
Data Fusion Image Analysis
Bormin Huang
Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, USA,
High Performance Computing Data Compression
Bing Zhang
Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS, China,
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Applications
Irena Hajnsek
DLR, Germany, ETH Zurich
Polarimetric SAR Interferometry Electromagnetic Modeling Inversion Theories
Simonetta Paloscia
CNR-IFAC, Italy,
Passive microwave Remote Sensing
Estel Cardellach
Remote Sensing w/ GNSS and other Sources of Opportunity (SOOP) GNSS Reflectometry GNSS Radio Occultation
Yuntao Qian
Zhejiang Univ., China,
Pattern Recognition Data Mining Hyperspectral Imaging
Josee Levesque
Valcartier Research Centre, Canada,
Thermal and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Sebastian Lopez
Univ. of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Spain,
High Performance Computing Data Compression
Heng-Chao Li
Southwest Jiaotong Univ. SAR,
Statistical Analysis
Monica Rabolli
CONAE, Argentina,
Remote Sensing of the Ocean
Bin Fang,
University of Virginia, USA,
Geospatial analysis, modeling and data assimilation
Roberto Cabieces Diaz,
Spanish Navy Officer, Spain,
Mauro Dalla Mura
Grenoble Institute of Technology, France,
Image processing and analysis, Machine learning, Data fusion
Daniel Lavigne
Defence Research and Development, Canada,
Target detection, Thermal remote sensing, EO polarization
Lenio Galvao
INPE, Brazil,
Applied reflectance spectroscopy
David KunKee
Aerospace Corp., USA,
Passive microwave remote sensing
Wen Hong
Institute of Electronics, CAS, China
Pol/PolnSAR data processing, 3D SAR imaging
Ferdinando Nunziata
Universita di Napoli Parthenope, Italy,
SAR/PolSAR processing and applications
Wenzhi Liao
Universiteit Gent, Belgium
Multitask feature learning, multisensor data fusion
Rashmi Shah
GNSS Reflectometry
Zebin Wu
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China,
High performance computing
Hongjun Su
Hohai University, China
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Xiaohua Tong
Tongji Univ., China
Anish Ghosh
Indian Statistical Institute, India
Data Mining, Machine Learning
Lakshmi Venkataraman
University of Virginia, USA,
Remote Sensing in Hydrology
Ge Chen
Ocean University of China, China
Ocean Remote Sensing
Monika Kuffer
University of Twente, The Netherlands,
Urban Remote Sensing
Javier Marcello
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain,
Remote Sensing Image Processing
Shaohui Mei
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China,
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Huijie Zhao
Beihang Univ., China,
Intelligent perception; optical remote sensing detection; Photoelectric precision measurement
Luca Pallotta
University of Rome Tre, Italy
Polarimetric SAR, target recognition, adaptive detection
Ruisheng Wang
University of Calgary, Canada
Point Cloud Processing, Photogrammetry
Jianli Ding
Xinjiang University, China,
Soil salinization, aerosol optical characteristic, ecological hydrology
Liqiang Zhang
Beijing Normal University, China
LiDAR processing, machine learning, spatio-temporal analysis, data fusion and tracking
Han Hu
Southwest Jiaotong Univ., China
Optical Image Processing, Point Clouds Processing, Machine Learning, LiDAR
Anastasios Doulamis
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Hyper-spectral imaging, deep machine learning, computer vision
Yakoub Bazi
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Pattern recognition, Machine learning
Mehmet Kurum
Mississippi State University, USA
Microwave Remote Sensing, Electromagnetic Modeling
Ping Zhong
NUDT, China,
Optical Image Processing, Hyperspectral, Machine Learning
Lin He
SCUT, China,
Pansharpening, UAV image processing
Haonan Chen
Colorado State University, USA,
Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Hydrometeorological Data Sciences, Weather Radar, Deep Learning
Wei Wei
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Multi-source Image Fusion
Gang Li
Tsinghua Univ., China
Radar signal processing, SAR, fusion of remote sensing data
Lizhe Wang
China University of Geosciences, China,
Remote Sensing Optical Image Processing
Caiyun Zhang
Florida Atlantic University, USA
Land Remote Sensing, lidar, wetland remote sensing
Hongyan Zhang
Wuhan Univ., China
Hyperspectral, data fusion, agricultural remote sensing
Gerardo Di Martino
The University of Naples Federico II, Italy,
SAR, Electromagnetic scattering
Davide Comite
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy,
Radar Remote Sensing, Scattering, GNSS Reflectometry
Hongsheng Zhang
The University of Hong Kong, China,
Radar, SAR, Urban Remote Sensing
Sang-Eun Park
Sejong University, Korea
Polarimetric SAR, SAR application to Natural hazards and cryosphere
Tao Cheng
Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Quantitative remote sensing, Crop, Spectroscopy
Turgay Celik
University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa,
SAR, LiDAR, Change Detection, Applied Earth Observation
Guoqin Zhou
Tianjin University/Guilin University of Technology, China,
Bathymetry, LiDAR echo signal processing
Christopher R. Hain
NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Earth Science Branch, USA
Surface temperature, soil moisture
Jiangyuan Zeng
Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS, China
Microwave remote sensing
John Xun Yang,
University of Maryland, College Park, USA.
Satellite missions, hurricane surface wind, and atmospheric sounding
Nariman Firoozy,
Defence Research and Development Canada, Government of Canada,
SAR, Arctic Remote Sensing
Tajdarul Hassan Syed,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India,
Water Resources and Remote Sensing
Christopher R. Williams,
University of Colorado Boulder,
Precipitation, cloud dynamics, parameterizations
Eiichi Yoshikawa
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan,
Atmospheric sciences

JSTARS Topical Editors

Xiwen Yao
Optical Remote Sensing Processing
Xinghua Li
Multitemporal Remote Sensing
Renlong Hang
Pattern recognition, meteorological remote sensing
Shengliang Pu
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Processing
Biplab Banerjee
Computer vision, Remote Sensing, Deep Learning