Pattern Recognition and Image Processing for Geoscience and Remote Sensing of the SIBGRAPI 2021 – Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images

A GRSL special stream – 2021
· Gilson Alexandre Ostwald Pedro da Costa, Professor, State University of Rio de Janeiro (Lead Editor)
· Jocelyn Chanussot, Professor, Grenoble INP (Guest Editor)
· Wallace Casaca, Professor, São Paulo State University (Guest Editor)
· Keiller Nogueira, University of Stirling (Guest Editor)

This special stream is oriented to bring together researchers in the fields of pattern recognition, computer vision, image processing and remote sensing in order to present advances on image analysis and interpretation of remote sensing images. Possible topics are, but not restricted to: image processing, low-level feature extraction, segmentation, classification, deep learning, multimodal and multiview methods, multisensor fusion, 3D reconstruction from aerial images, dataset creation and evaluation methodologies.

Starting date for submission: 10 April 2021
Closing date for submission: 12 May 2021
Paper Submission Link: