Join Our “YP Mentorship Program” as a Mentor!

Join Our “YP Mentorship Program” as a Mentor!

Embark on a transformative journey that not only empowers the next generation but also enriches your personal and professional development. Our program, dedicated to geoscience and remote sensing enthusiasts, aims to bridge the gap between seasoned experts and budding professionals.

Why Mentor with Us?

  • Share your wisdom and expertise in geoscience and remote sensing.
  • Empower young minds transitioning from academic to professional life.
  • Gain a renewed perspective, broadening your horizons and skills.
  • Engage in a two-way exchange that boosts both your and your mentee’s growth.

About the Program

Our mentorship program is a meticulously crafted initiative that pairs students and young professionals based on skills, expertise, and areas of development. We believe that mentorship is a keystone for success, fostering clearer career navigation, and offering invaluable insights.

Be part of this transformative experience!

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The extended deadline is November 15, 2023.