IEEE GRSS Industry Leader Award

The IEEE GRSS established the Industry Leader Award to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions over a sustained period of time in industrial and/or commercial remote sensing discipline. The award shall be considered annually and presented if a distinguished candidate is identified.


The Awards Committee may give preference to an individual who:

  • is an IEEE GRSS member

  • has made significant contributions to remote sensing system engineering, science, and/or technology

  • has made significant contributions to dissemination and commercialization of remote sensing products

  • has demonstrated leadership to promote remote sensing science and technology.

Individuals who have received a GRSS Major Award are not eligible within 5 years.

Eligibility and the selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and GRSS governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.


Award Items

Plaque and certificate.


The award shall be presented annually to one recipient, provided a qualified candidate is nominated.

Nominee Solicitation

The nomination package including the following materials must be submitted by an IEEE GRSS member via the Award Nomination Tool by December 15:

  • a nomination letter, no more than 3-pages in length, from a GRSS member
  • nomination template can be obtained here or through the Award Nomination Tool
  • a complete curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • at least 2 recommendation letters, max. 3, from individuals familiar with the candidate’s industrial contributions and achievements

Selection/Basis for Judging

  • significance

  • quality and impact of activities

  • quality of contributions

  • achievements

The nominations are evaluated and ranked by the IEEE GRSS Major Awards Committee.

Recipients will be notified by early March.

Award Timeline



Award Nominations begin after IGARSS

15 December

Award Nomination deadline

Early March

Award recipients will be notified


The award shall be presented at an awards ceremony during the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS, together with other IEEE GRSS awards.

Major Awards Committee

  • Alberto Moreira: Chair (Region 8)

  • Leung Tsang: Co-Chair (Region 1-6)

  • Melba Crawford (Region 1-6)

  • Karen St. Germain (Region 1-6)

  • Mahta Moghaddam (Region 1-6)

  • Jon Benediktsson (Region 8)

  • Sebastiano Serpico (Region 8)

  • Masanobu Shimada (Region 10)