Prof. Antonio J. Plaza

  • Institution University of Extremadura
  • Country Spain
  • Contact aplaza@unex.es
  • Bio Antonio Plaza was born in Cáceres, Spain, in 1975. He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer engineering from the University of Extremadura, Spain. He is currently an Associate Professor (with accreditation for Full Professor) with the Department of Technology of Computers and Communications, University of Extremadura, where he is the Head of the Hyperspectral Computing Laboratory (HyperComp).

Articles & Announcements

On Diverse Noises in Hyperspectral Unmixing

Traditional spectral unmixing methods are usually based on the linear mixture model (LMM) or nonlinear mixture model (NLMM), in which only the additive noise is considered. However, in hyperspectral applications, the additive, multiplicative, and mixed…

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Hyperspectral Band Selection Based on Rough Set

Band selection is a well-known approach to reduce the dimensionality of hyperspectral imagery. Rough set theory is a paradigm to deal with uncertainty, vagueness, and incompleteness of data. Although it has been applied successfully to feature selectio…

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