GR4S Summer School in Modeling in Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

June 29, 2020

You are invited:

2020 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Summer School (GR4S)
Modeling in Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing
Beijing Normal University (China), 13th – 14th July 2020

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, Beijing Normal University, State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science


The 2020 IEEE GRSS Summer School (GR4S) on “Modeling in Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing” will be held in Beijing, China. It will be merged into the tenth Beijing Normal University Summer School on “Land Surface Satellite Data Inversion and Applications”.


Remote sensing using Earth-orbiting satellites, is one of the most effective tools for providing data that help researchers address global issues. In the past few decades, advances in remote sensing technology have greatly enhanced the potential applications of satellite data in many fields, and various models have been developed to transfer the raw satellite data into high-level products. This year’s IEEE GR4S in Beijing will offer to the attendees an opportunity to gain excellent introductory knowledge in various remote sensing data processing and models.

The focus will be on Masters, PhD students and early scientists dealing with remote sensing and geosciences topics. The summer school is a contribution by the GRSS towards human capital development internationally, with a further objective of attracting the next generation of practitioners – today’s students – to become aware of GRSS and its benefits.


July 13:

Opening Remarks, Jiangcheng Shi

9-10:20: Intro. to Optical Remote Sensing Models, Qinhuo Liu, Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS

10:30-1150: Intro. to Microwave Remote Sensing Models, Yang Du, Zhejiang Univ

14:30-15:50: Intro. to an Open Model Platform and a snow model from Optical to Microwave, Jiangcheng Shi, Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS

16:00-17:20: Introduction the ‘Simulation platform for remote sensing mechanism models’ and demonstration, Wenjian Ni, Aerospace Information Reasearch Institute, CAS

July 14:

9:00-10:20: Hyperspectral Image Analysis with Applications of UAVs for Precision Agriculture, Lori Mann Bruce, Tennessee Tech University

10:30-11:50: Microwave Sensing Through the Subsurface for Addressing the Water Puzzle, Mahta Moghaddam, University of Southern California

14:30-15:50: Recent Advances in Spectral–Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification, Jun Li, Sun Yat-Sen University

16:00-17:20: Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Data Analysis, Gustau Camps-Valls, University of València


Interested students and researchers are encouraged to send the following information to the following email address by July 10th:

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