Enhancing Spectral Science Support for Armed Services

Enhancing Spectral Science Support for Armed Services

Webinar Speaker:

Gus Wright, US Army, Ret.


NV5 Geospatial Software

About the Webinar

This presentation aims to explore the critical role of spectral science in bolstering support for armed services. By delving into unclassified, unrestricted insights, the discussion will focus on addressing the existing challenges faced by armed services, particularly in material and target feature identification, automation, indications and warnings, and joint target custody. The webinar seeks to illuminate opportunities for the spectral and science community to better serve and support the armed services, ultimately fostering enhanced capabilities in critical areas.


About the Speaker

Gus Wright is an experienced Geospatial Solution Engineer with 25 years of warfighter experience (retired Army 125D CW4). He holds a Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and GeoDesign, specializing in Machine Learning, demonstrating advanced education and expertise in applying machine learning algorithms. Penn State selected him as a centennial Post-doctoral Fellow as a result of his research and leadership in the defense sector. With strong Python data science skills, Gus excels in developing innovative geospatial solutions. With a background supporting military intelligence and engineering operations, Gus is skilled in eliciting requirements, implementing DevSecOps principles, and devising deployment strategies for commercial GEOINT capabilities.