High-perfomance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing (HDCRS)

Our Mission

The HDCRS working group is part of the IEEE GRSS Earth Science Informatics (ESI) Technical Committee. The main objective of HDCRS is to connect a community of interdisciplinary researchers in remote sensing who are specialized on high-performance and distributed computing, quantum computing  and parallel programming models with specialized hardware accelerators.

HDCRS disseminates information and knowledge through educational events, special sessions and tutorials at conferences and publication activities. The group welcomes anyone interested from academia and industry to contribute to our mission.

Our Research

Quantum computing

HDCRS IEEE GRSS Working Group: Research Topics Quantum computing Quantum computing is considered as a next-generation information processing technology. It is a computing paradigm that

Specialized Hardware Computing

HDCRS IEEE GRSS Working Group: Research Topics Specialized Hardware Computing Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is designed as a co-processor to

Supercomputing and Distributed Computing

HDCRS IEEE GRSS Working Group: Research Topics Supercomputing and Distributed Computing High Performance Computing High performance computing (HPC) is a multidisciplinary field combining hardware technologies


Events & Initiatives



IEEE GRSS Webinar March 23, 2021 Online Event Page This webinar will introduce the new working group “High-performance and Disruptive Computing in Remote Sensing” (HDCRS)

HDCRS Chairs

Dr. Gabriele Cavallaro

Prof. Dora Blanco Heras

Prof. Zebin Wu

HDCRS Summer Schools

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