Quantum Information Processing in Earth Observation

Quantum Information Processing in Earth Observation

ESA has launched a call for ideas seeking applications of this novel technology to the space sector.


Research and Study Objectives

The main aim of this call is to perform research on new and innovative scientific and technical concepts and techniques for quantum information processing. For the retained ideas, the first most important research step will be performed during the study. In principle, all scientific fields of potential relevance are encouraged to propose solutions.


The first step is to propose an idea through this channel. This is in the form of a short description of the idea, including an indication for which of the aforementioned implementation paths it is intended (or both). All ideas will then be reviewed by our evaluation board based on the evaluation criteria given below.

In a second step, the authors of selected ideas will then be invited to submit a research proposal via a template according to the implementation paths. A proposal review will select the ideas to be implemented dependent on the nature of the proposed study.