Fundamental of image processing and mapping approaches. University of Queensland.…

 This section will explain the main image processing steps to map biophysical properties using remote sensing imagery derived from passive sensors. The steps described will focus on:

  • Pre-processing sequence: Image acquisition, Types of corrections, When to correct, Radiometric corrections, Geometric correction & Masking (e.g. water, cloud)
  • Field data for calibration and validation: Groundcover surveys, Vegetation structure surveys, Spectral library collection, Optical properties & Control points
  • Commonly used mapping approaches: Manual delineation and labeling, Object-based analysis, Supervised classification, Unsupervised classification, Inverse modeling, & Regression analysis
  • Detecting change and trends: What is change and trend detection?, Image requirements, Trend detection and analysis, Example time series imagery, Example change maps
  • Delivering a remote sensing product: Post classification refinement, Error assessment procedures, Evaluate error matrix using appropriate statistics & Communication of map products