SPIE Remote Sensing 2010

Synopsis / Description:

Remote sensing is a fast-growing technology using highly sophisticated sensors on satellites and other elevated platforms as well as on the ground, together with adapted signal and image processing, to deliver many practical applications hardly to be conceived of a few decades ago:

  • surveillance based on high-resolution imaging
  • weather forecasting
  • mineral exploitation
  • hydrology

The SPIE Remote Sensing Symposium has become the largest and most prestigious annual international meeting on this subject in Europe with more than 600 attendees and each year sees comprehensive coverage of scientific topics, applications, sensors, systems, and satellite platforms and more than 25 countries are represented. Co-located with the SPIE European Symposium on Defence & Security, this event will provide an excellent opportunity to explore new opportunities to collaborate with new partners from other related fields of activity.

Co-located Symposium – SPIE Security+Defence

Two great meetings in one great location! Your registration fee gains you access to all the conferences in both Remote Sensing 2010 and Security+Defence 2010.