Data Cubes for Big Earth Data – Workshop

The term data cube related to Big Earth Data has recently gained a lot of attraction. The data cube concept promises to tackle some of the challenges that come along with large volumes of environmental and geospatial data. Data cubes offer a more on-demand and analysis-ready access to n-dimensional data, that can be accessed along any axis, allowing for efficient trim or slice operations. The data cube concept makes large volumes of environmental and geospatial data more manageable and thus, increases the general uptake of Big Earth data.

The workshop is a two-day workshop (19-20 October 2017) taking place at ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. It will contain four major thematic blocks:

I – Data cube initiatives
II – Perspectives on benefits of data cubes for large-scale data providers
III – Future perspectives on data cubes
IV – Interactive feedback round

There will be as well a 2 hour demo session of current data cube implementations allowing users to see the benefits of different data cube approaches.