Advanced Processing for Multimodal Optical Remote Sensing Imagery

A GRSL special stream – 2018
– Naoto Yokoya, RIKEN, Japan (Lead Guest Associate Editor)
– Bertrand Le Saux, ONERA, France
– Ronny Hänsch, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
– Saurabh Prasad, University of Houston, USA

The special stream welcomes letter papers with high scientific quality and significant impact on current research of advanced active and passive optical remote sensing. All submissions should be based on the use of at least one of the data sources provided in the 2018 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest, namely, multispectral LiDAR data, hyperspectral data, and very-high-resolution color imagery. Manuscripts should be original. A manuscript that has essentially the same content as what was or will be published elsewhere will be rejected. Manuscripts should be written in clear and correct English.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep learning
  • Transfer learning
  • Multimodal learning
  • Land-cover classification
  • 3D point cloud classification

Submission open: October 1, 2018
Submission close: May 31, 2019