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The internationally subscribed monthly journal, Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGARS), publishes advances in sensing instruments and techniques used for the acquisition of geoscientific information as well as techniques for processing, enhancing and interpreting information derived from remote sensing instruments. Transactions on GRS is part of the basic service received with GRS membership or GRSS affiliation.

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plazaEditor: Prof. Antonio J. Plaza
Institution: University of Extremadura
Country: Spain
Contact: .img
Bio: Antonio Plaza was born in Cáceres, Spain, in 1975. He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer engineering from the University of Extremadura, Spain. He is currently an Associate Professor (with accreditation for Full Professor) with the Department of Technology of Computers and Communications, University of Extremadura, where he is the Head of the Hyperspectral Computing Laboratory (HyperComp). See Full Bio »

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Semisupervised Transfer Component Analysis for Domain Adaptation in Remote Sensing Image Classification

In this paper, we study the problem of feature extraction for knowledge transfer between multiple remotely sensed images in the context of land-cover classification. Several factors such as illumination, atmospheric, and ground conditions cause radiome…

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Shrunken Locally Linear Embedding for Passive Microwave Retrieval of Precipitation

This paper introduces a new Bayesian approach to the inverse problem of passive microwave rainfall retrieval. The proposed methodology [called the shrunken locally linear embedding algorithm for retrieval of precipitation (ShARP)] relies on a regulariz…

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Fast Analysis of C-Scans From Ground Penetrating Radar via 3-D Haar-Like Features With Application to Landmine Detection

This paper aimed to devise an efficient algorithm applicable to ground penetrating radar (GPR) and to enable an automatic landmine detection. Proposed is a machine learning approach in which we put the main emphasis on fast performance of the scanning …

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Identification and Suppression of Nonmeteorological Echoes Using Spectral Polarimetric Processing

The presence of nonmeteorological radar signals, such as sea clutter, birds, and chaff, is a continuous challenge for meteorological services in different regions. In this paper, we assign membership functions to these signals using spectral decomposit…

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Detection of Moving Ships Based on a Combination of Magnitude and Phase in Along-Track Interferometric SAR—Part I: SIMP Metric and Its Performance

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), in along-track interferometry mode, is extensively used in sensing oceanic surface. Detecting moving ships is becoming an increasingly important requirement in global monitoring of environment and maritime security. To r…

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SAR Image Change Detection Based on Iterative Label-Information Composite Kernel Supervised by Anisotropic Texture

Kernel methods with specifically designed kernel function are suitable for dealing with practical nonlinear problems. However, kernel methods have found limited applications to synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image change detection in that their perform…

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Ultrawideband Synthetic Aperture Radar for Respiratory Motion Detection

This paper describes a method for detecting human respiratory motion with respiration-rate estimation using ultrawideband (UWB) synthetic aperture radar (SAR). In addition, positions of the breathing humans can be spatially resolved. The coherence of t…

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A Novel Graph-Matching-Based Approach for Domain Adaptation in Classification of Remote Sensing Image Pair

This paper addresses the problem of land-cover classification of remotely sensed image pairs in the context of domain adaptation. The primary assumption of the proposed method is that the training data are available only for one of the images (source d…

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