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The GRSS Chapter Committee has been chaired by Paolo Gamba (.img) since January 2014 under the portfolio of the VP for Professional Activities, Wooil Moon (.img).
All Chapters are required to provide to the Chapter Committee Chair a report about the activities in the previous year **by January 15**. Chapter Chairs are reminded that their reports will be considered to select outstanding activities to be funded by the Society, and the Chapters to be considered for the Chapter Excellence Award. GRSS established a Chapter Excellence Award to recognize excellence in a GRSS or Joint Local Chapter demonstrated by exemplary local GRSS activities during the previous year. The award shall be considered annually and presented only when a deserving Chapter is identified.

How to set up a Chapter

The procedure to establish a new Chapter requires four steps.

First of all, one needs to find at least 12 GRSS members “in good standing” willing to be founders of this Chapter. These people must be IEEE and GRSS Members/Senior members/Fellows (but not student members or affiliate members) who paid their fees for the current year.

Then, it is required to prepare a petition collecting the IEEE membership numbers and the signatures of these people. In addition, it is required to write a business plan for the first year of the Chapter.

The third step is asking for the approval of the parent Section, i.e., the Section(s) of the geographical area(s) to which the Chapter pertains. Please note that some of them have other requirements in addition to those listed above (e.g., the members must come from more than one university, must have been IEEE members for at least one year, and paid their fees for the current year. The 12 founding members must be members of IEEE for at least 6 months.)

Finally, these documents and the Section approval must be provided via e-mail to the IEEE MGA staff for final approval, pending the agreement of GRSS officials.

If the chapter to be established is in Mainland China, special conditions apply. The revised petition form (valid ONLY for Mainland China) is available here.

The procedure to establish a chapter is described in detail in the IEEE web site, at, where you will also be able to find a template for the petition.

GRSS Chapters and Contact Information

Chapter Location Joint with (Societies) Chapter Chair E-mail Address
Region 1: Northeastern USA
Boston Section, MA GRS Francesca Scire Scapuzzo .img
Springfield Section, MA AP, MTT, ED, GRS, LEO Paul Siqueira .img
Rochester/Binghamton/Buffalo/Ithaca/Syracuse Section GRS Anthony Vodacek .img
Region 2: Eastern USA
Washington, DC & Northern VA area GRS Miguel Roman .img
Dayton Section AP, MTT, GRS Andrew Terzuoli .img
Region 3: Southeastern USA
Atlanta Section, GA AES, GRS Kristin Bing .img
Eastern North Carolina Section GRS Linda Hayden .img
Melbourne Section, FL GRS, AES William Junek .img
Region 4: Central USA
Central Illinois Section LEO, GRS Weng Cho Chew .img
Southeastern Michigan Section GRS Adib Y. Nashashibi .img
Region 5: Southwestern USA
Denver Section, CO AP, MTT, GRS Michael Janezic .img
Region 6: Western USA
Alaska Section, AK GRS Franz Meyer .img
Los Angeles Section, CA GRS Mark Lamb .img
Region 7: Canada
Ottawa Section, ON OE, GRS Yifeng Zhou .img
Quebec Section, Quebec, QC AES, OE, GRS Xavier Maldague .img
Toronto Section, ON SP, VT, AES, UFF, OE, GRS Sri Krishnan .img
Vancouver Section, BC AES, GRS David G. Michelson .img
Winnipeg Section, MB AES, GRS Nariman Firoozy .img
Region 8: Europe, Middle East and Africa
Benelux Section AES, GRS Mark Bentum .img
Croatia Section AES, GRS Juraj Bartolic .img
France Section GRS Mathieu Fauvel .img
Germany Section GRS Irena Hajnsek .img
Italy (Central) Section GRS Simonetta Paloscia .img
Italy (South) Section GRS Antonio Iodice .img
Saudi Arabia Section GRS Haikel Hichri .img
South Africa Section AES, GRS Waldo Kleynhans, Jeanine Engelbrecht .img .img
Spain Section GRS Antonio J. Plaza .img
Turkey Section GRS Kadim Tasdemir .img
Ukraine Section AP, MTT, ED, AES, GRS, NPS Nataliya K Sakhnenko .img
United Arab Emirates Section GRS Prashanth Marpu .img
United Kingdom & Rep. of Ireland (UKRI) Section GRS, OE Yong Xue .img
Region 9: Latin America
Student Branch Bogotá, Columbia GRS Deivin Saavedra Ortiz .img
Brazil Council GRS Raul Queiroz Feitosa .img
Student Branch, Campinas, Brazil GRS Emanuel Amorer H. .img
Guadalajara Section, Mexico GRS Iván Villalón .img
Region 10: Asia and Pacific
Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Sections, Australia GRS Fuqin Li .img
Bangalore Section, India GRS Daya Sagar Behara .img
Student Branch, Beijing Section, China GRS Bin Peng .img
Beijing Section, China GRS Ji Wu .img
Delhi Section, India GRS O.P.N. Calla .img
Gujarat Section, India GRS Shiv Mohan .img
Indonesia Section GRS, AES Arifin Nugroho .img
Islamabad Section, Pakistan GRS, AES M. Umar Khattak .img
Kolkata Section, India GRS Animesh Maitra .img
Malaysia Section GRS Hean T Chuah .img
Nanjing Section, China GRS Feng Jiao .img
Seoul Section, Korea GRS Hoonyol Lee .img
Singapore Section AES, GRS See Kye Yak .img
Taipei Section, Taiwan GRS Yang-Lang Chang .img
All Japan GRS Akira Hirose .img

*Abbreviation Guide for IEEE Technical Societies

AES Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society
AP Antennas and Propagation Society
ED Electron Devices Society
EMB Engineering in Medicine and Biology
GRS Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
LEO Lasers & Electro-Optics Society
MTT Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
NPS Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
OE Oceanic Engineering Society
SP Signal Processing Society
UFF Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society
VT Vehicular Technology Society