WG on Benchmarking (WG-BEN)


Datasets have always been important in methodical remote sensing. They have always been used as a backbone for the development and evaluation of new algorithms. In today’s era of big data and deep learning, datasets have become even more important than before: Large, well-curated, and annotated datasets are of crucial importance for the training and validation of state-of-the-art models for information extraction from increasingly versatile multi-sensor remote sensing data. In addition, due to the increasing number of new methods being proposed by scientists and engineers, the possibility to compare these methods in a fair and transparent manner has become more and more important.

The WG-BEN addresses these challenges and provides input with respect to evaluation methods, datasets, benchmarks, competitions, and tools for the creation of reference data. Furthermore, we contribute to evaluation sites and databases.

Current Activities: Organization of Invited Session on IGARSS, contribution to an online database for datasets (DASE 2.0), showcasing of selected public datasets in the monthly IADF Newsletter.