IEEE GRSS Highest Impact Paper Award

The GRSS establishes the GRSS Highest Impact Paper Award (HIPA) to recognize the author(s) who have published during the past five years in an IEEE GRSS Journal the scientific paper that has received the highest number of citations and impact over the past 5 years as measured by the Thomson Reuters Web of Science citation index. 


The Special Awards Committee may give preference to candidates who:

  • are an IEEE GRSS member
  • are pivotal and have performed significant contributions to the analysis of remote sensing images in recent years
  • published their results in IEEE GRSS journals or conferences.


The award is presented only once to an individual. A previously selected paper shall not be eligible for this award in the following years.

Eligibility and the selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.


Award Items

Certificate and check for US$3,000. In case of multiple authors, each will receive a certificate, and the cash award will be shared among the co-authors.


The award shall be presented annually for one paper, if a suitable paper is identified.

Nominee Solicitation

Papers published up to five calendar years previous are screened for their number of citations. The screening is performed with Thomson Reuters Web of Science for the IEEE GRSS Journals:

  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

Award Timeline


Associate Editors nominate 2-5 candidates from the accepted papers in the award year. All nominations are placed in a candidate pool and sent to all Associate Editors for evaluation and ranking. The five highest-ranked candidates are sent  to the Editor-in-Chief for approval.

End of January

The Editor-in-Chief forwards the five highest-ranked candidates to the Publication Awards Committee.

Early February to Mid-March

The Publication Awards Committee evaluates the five candidates and selects a winner.


The Award recipients are ratified at the March AdCom meeting. Award recipients are notified by 31 March.


The award shall be presented at an awards ceremony during the next IGARSS.

Presentation Awards Committee

  • Antonio Plaza, University of Extremadura (Spain): Chair

  • Liangpei Zhang, Wuhan University (China)

  • Paul Scheunders, University of Antwerp (China)

  • Florence Tupin, Telecom Paris (France)

  • Jun Li, China University Geoscience (China)

  • Hairong Qi, University of Tennesse (USA)

  • Hanwen Yu, University of Electronic Science & Technology (China)