TGRS Associate Editors

TGRS Topical Editors

Last Name First Name Affiliation Area
Aeron Shuchin Tufts University Geophysical and Statistical signal processing
Ainsworth Thomas NRL SAR
Benediktsson Jon Atli University of Iceland Image Analysis and Classification
Bioucas-Dias Jose Instituto Superior Técnico Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing
Borgeaud Maurice ESA/ESRIN Radar Remote Sensing for Land Applications
Bourassa Mark The Florida State University Physical oceanography; scatterometry
Brown Shannon JPL Microwave radiometry
Bruzzone Lorenzo University of Trento Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Camps Adriano UPC, Spain Microwave Radiometry
Chandrasekar V. Colorado State University Weather radar systems
Chanussot Jocelyn Grenoble Institut of Technology (INPG) Multicomponent image processing, data fusion
Chen Kun-San CSA, China microwaves
Chini Marco Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Multi-Temporal Data Analysis
Davis Curt University of Missouri-Columbia Altimetry, Ice Sheets, and Urban Areas
Durden Stephen JPL Rain radar and ocean surface scattering
Fauvel Mathieu Centre d’Etudes Spatiales de la BIOsphère Hyperspectral Data Processing Algorithms
Frasier Stephen U Mass Radar Remote Sensing
Gao Jinghuai Xi’an Jiaotong University Geophysical signal processing
Garzelli Andrea Università degli Studi di Siena Remote Sensing Image Fusion
Gierull Christoph Defence R&D Canada SAR data processing, SAR ground moving target detection
Grings Francisco Argentina Radar Signatures of Land Surface and Remote Sensing
Gu Yanfeng Harbin Institute of Technology Hyperspectral Image processing
He Mingyi Northwestern Polytechnical University Deep learning, parallel processing, unmixing
Hensley Scott JPL Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing and Planetary Radar
Jackson Gail NASA HQ Clouds, precipitation and weather forecasting
Jiao Licheng Xidian University SAR and hyperspectral image processing
Jia Xiuping University College, Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Hyperspectral image analysis
Jin Shuanggen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory GNSS and planetary remote sensing
Johnson Joel Ohio State U. Microwave and Electromagnetic Computing
Jones Cathleen Jet Propulsion Laboratory SAR Applicatons
Krieger Gerhard DLR, Germany Radar and SAR
Lefevre Sebastien University of Bretagne Sud, France Hyperspectral Data processing algorithms
Lemmetyinen Juha FMI, Finland Cryosphere Remote Sensing
Li Jun Sun Yat-Sen University, China Hyperspectral data processing
Li Shutao Hunan University Image processing and registration
Liu Qing Duke University Seismic data processing
Li Xiaofeng NOAA/NESDIS Oceans
Li Xuelong Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics Machine learning and pattern recognition
Li Zhao-Liang National Center for Scientific Research, France Radiative Transfer and Land Surface Modelling
Lopez-Dekker Francisco Delft University of Technology SAR
Lu Xiaoqiang Chinese Academy of Science, Xian Hyperspectral Data Processing Algorithms
Marzano Frank Sapienza University of Rome Atmospheric remote sensing
Melgani Farid University o Trento Hyperspectral Data Processing
Meyer Franz U. Alaska Chryosphere, radar
Migliaccio Maurizio Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope Radar and Radiometer Science Algorithms
Moreira Alberto DLR, Germany Microwaves
Moreno Jose U. Valencia, Spain Optical and Land Remote Sensing
Natsuaki Ryo National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), Japan SAR
Pampaloni Paolo CNR-IROE, Italy Active and passive microwave remote sensing of land
Payne Vivienne JPL Radiative Transfer and Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Pierce Leland U. Michigan SAR image processing
Plaza Antonio University of Extremadura, Spain Hyperspectral Sensors, High Performance Computing
Prasad Saurabh University of Houston Optical and LiDAR Remote Sensing
Pringent Catherine Observatoire de Paris Microwave remote sensing of land and ocean surfaces
Rabus Bernhard Simon Fraser University SAR calibration and processing
Rocadenbosch Francesc Polytechnic University of Catalonia Lidar
Ruf Christopher U. Michigan Microwaves, GNSS
Saachi Mauricio University of Alberta Geophysical signal processing
Scheunders Paul University of Antwerp, Belgium Vegetation Modelling and Signal Processing
Serpico Sebastiano University of Genoa, Italy Image Analysis
Serra-Sagrista Joan Autonomous University of Barcelona Image Coding and Remote Sensing
Shan Jie Purdue University Photogrammetry and Urban Analysis
Singh Upendra NASA HQ LiDAR
Small David University of Zürich Synthetic Aperture Radar Algorithms
Soldovieri Francesco Italian National Research Council Radar, GPR
Stoffelen Ad Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute Radar for Ocean Applications
Tilton James NASA GSFC Image Processing
Tjuatja Saibun University of Texas at Arlington Radar Signal Processing and Subsurface Sensing
Touzi Ridha Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing
Tuia Devis Wageningen University, Netherlands Data Fusion
Ulfarsson Magnus Orn University of Iceland Hyperspectral Data Processing Algorithms
van Aardt Jan Rochester Institute of Technology Lidar and GIS in forestry and agriculture
Xing Mengdao Xidian University, China SAR processing
Yang Jian Tsinghua University, China SAR
Yueh Simon JPL Active and passive microwave
Zare Alina University of Florida Subsurface and Hyperspectral Signal Processing
Zavorotny Valery University of Colorado Modeling of EM wave scattering, GNSS
Zeroug Smaine Schlumberger-Doll Research Seismic data processing, Hydrocarbon Exploration
Zhang Liangpei Wuhan University, China Optical and Hyperspectral Signal Processing
Zhang Yanning Northwestern Polytechnical University, China Optical and Hyperspectral Signal Processing
Zhao Zhiqin University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Electromagnetic computing, microwave imaging
Zhou Jun Griffith University, Australia Hyperspectral Image Processing 
Zhou Yicong University of Macau Hyperspectral and signal processing
Zhu Xiaoxiang German space center SAR and hyperspectral signal processing
Zuffada Cinzia JPL GNSS reflectrometry and science
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