Two PostDocs: Field Phenomics and Image Analysis in Maize

College of Engineering and College of Agriculture, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Posted: April 11, 2017

Position 1 – Image Processing, Feature Extraction, and Modeling of Plant Phenotypes in Maize: This person will process phenotypic data acquired from cutting edge sensor technologies, and working closely with domain experts to perform feature extraction and modeling of plant traits. A Ph.D. in computer / electrical engineering, computer science, geomatics, or a related discipline with expertise in image analysis and signal processing is required. Programming skills (C/C++/Python/MatLab) required.

Position 2 – Application and Translation of Phenotyping Technologies to Maize Breeding and Quantitative Genetics: This person will leverage phenotypic data acquired from cutting edge sensor technologies to perform association analyses and develop novel approaches for assessing crop traits and genetic potential. A PhD in plant breeding, genetics, or a related discipline with experience in quantitative genetics is required.

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