Senior Research Associate in integrating remote sensing and civil engineering for intelligent infrastructure monitoring

Department of Engineering, Univ. of Cambridge, West Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
Deadline: January 20, 2020

Improvements in the spatial and time resolution of remotely sensed satellite data have led to a data deluge that can help to characterise the anthropogenic activities on the earth’s surface, including the monitoring of structures in the built environment. To leverage this benefit, several challenges have to be addressed in investigations using such large datasets including, for example, the extraction of information from large scale datasets collected by multiple satellite sensors, which may have poor training sets to define the model for the analysis.

Requirements Include:

  • A relevant PhD
  • Should have technical expertise in several of the following fields:
    • computer science and programming;
    • image processing and statistics;
    • machine learning and/or deep learning;
    • remote sensing and big data analysis;
    • strong analytical skills to be applied to civil engineering.
  • Experience in or knowledge of civil-structural engineering applications in the infrastructure sector or InSAR and remote sensing would be a strong advantage.

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