Research Associate: Computer Vision & Spatial Modeling

School of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Starts May 1, 2017

The particular focus of the Research Associate (RA) on this project will be to model population statistics of big cats such as leopards. Data from infra-red camera traps installed in India will be made available through cooperation with the research team of Dr. Ullas Karanth from the Wildlife Conservation Society of India, Bangalore. In the first phase of the project, the RA will invent computer vision algorithms for automatic detection and recognition of leopards from the images via their characteristic patterns. In the second stage of the project, the RA will develop spatio-temporal models using output from the first phase. Uncertainty assessment and propagation will be an important component of the project.

The candidate is expected to have a strong background with working experience in computer vision and/or machine learning. The candidate must have published in the top conferences and journals in the field (CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, NIPS, ICML, IJCV, PAMI, JMLR, SIAM UQ, etc.). The candidate is expected to have excellent programming skills. Candidates with direct experience in object detection, spatio-temporal modelling or uncertainty quantification will be preferred. The appointee will be responsible to carry out the research outlined above and to contribute to the supervision of a PhD student.

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