Post-Doctoral Position in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Space Situational Awareness

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Texas, El Paso, Texas, USA
Posted: May 28, 2019

Conducts research in the area of hyperspectral remote sensing for space situational awareness. Design, implement, test and validate algorithms and software for hyperspectral image exploitation for identification of non-imaging space objects.

Assists in formulation of research objectives and determine the scope of methodologies of research projects and areas to be evaluated; provides feedback relating to research design, planning, instrumentation, statistical analysis, and reporting; works with researchers on the administration of experiments and interpretation of results for research and teaching.

Supports the design and implementation of a set up for collecting spectral data of typical materials used to build spacecrafts. Create a documented material spectral library to use in the project. Develop and validate protocols for spectral data collection.

Requirements Include:

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Signal Processing, or related field.
  • Research experience with multi/hyperspectral remote sensing, image and signal processing.
  • Experience in the development of programs in the Matlab or ENVI environments.
  • Experience in design, testing and validation of algorithms for remote sensing data exploitation.
  • Knowledge of statistical concepts and methods and their application to research analysis.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and oversee research projects, evaluate research data, interpret and publish research findings, and communicate effectively.
  • Have a track record of journal publications.

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