Post-doc: Photogrammetric processing of archival aerial campaigns

Laboratoire en Sciences et Technologies de l’Information Géographique (LaSTIG), Institut National de l’Information Géographique et Forestière (IGN), Saint-Mandé, France
Posted: March 24, 2020
Start: As soon as possible

IGN has a collection of aerial photogrammetric surveys captured since the middle of the XXth century. This collection has been massively digitized during the last years. ANR HIATUS project aims at automatically processing these archival images to retrieve the evolution of land cover. More specifically, this project aims both at (i) improving the automatic georeferencing / pose estimation of archival surveys in order to retrieve their geometry and derive ortho-images and digital surface models, and (ii) developing method to analyze such data taking into account their associated specificities and uncertainties (e.g. varying qualities and resolutions depending on acquisitions, training ground truth data available only at most recent dates).

Requirements Include:

  • PhD degree in photogrammetry, image processing or computer vision.
  • Good spoken and written English. Knowledge of French would be useful.
  • Good knowledge of programming languages C++/Python.

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