Workshop: Data Cubes for Big Earth Data

Aug 15, 2017
The workshop is a two-day workshop (19-20 October 2017) taking place at ESRIN in Frascati, Italy. It will contain four major thematic blocks:

I – Data cube initiatives
II – Perspectives on benefits of data cubes for large-scale data providers
III – Future perspectives on data cubes
IV – Interactive feedback round

There will be as well a 2 hour demo session of current data cube implementations allowing users to see the benefits of different data cube approaches.

The workshop aims to bring together current data cube technology providers and larger data organisations in order to showcase current data cube solutions, but also to identify needs and requirements of large data organisations. The overall goal is to identify current gaps and to draw future requirements for the data cube approach.

The workshop is of interest for data users working with large volumes of Earth Science data and interested in new approaches to process and analyse large volumes of data, but also professionals in research and industry, interested in the data cube approach. The workshop is of further interest for data organisations and data-related projects, currently being challenged to serve GBs to PBs of data.

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