Women in Engineering at IGARSS 2017

May 26, 2017

Three events related to Women in Engineering will be held at IGARSS 2017:

IGARSS Women in GRSS Luncheon

Everyone is welcome! Be sure to register for the Women in GRSS Luncheon, planned for Tuesday of IGARSS. This will be the sixth consecutive year for the Women in GRSS Luncheon. The event provides an informal forum for men & women interested in supporting diversity to interact with senior members in an informal setting. The program typically features a speaker with a short presentation. The luncheon is an excellent opportunity for professional networking!

IGARSS Women in STEM Forum

At this year’s IGARSS, for the first time, there will be a Technology, Industry and Education (TIE) Forum, a series of non-traditional sessions that will address themes typically absent from the conference. A highlight of the TIE Forum is the Women in STEM Forum, which is organized to promote diversity, inclusion, and career success. Three high-profile women speakers from a mix of backgrounds (industry, academia, government) and diverse career paths will kick off the Women in STEM Forum with presentations and a panel discussion, followed by the Women in GRSS Luncheon.

IEEE GRSS Women Mentoring Women (WMW) Pilot Program

Worldwide, women remain underrepresented in the STEM workforce and gender bias persists. GRSS wants to encourage professional development of women in GRSS, and we strive to raise awareness and engage the GRSS community. The main purpose of the WMW Program is to provide support for women within GRSS at various career stages ranging from early career to senior professionals. This encompasses individual, one-on- one connections that are fostered between mentor and mentee. In these individual mentoring meetings, the mentor and mentee discuss professional, academic, and personal issues. They set goals, problem-solve and celebrate successes. It is understood that both mentors and mentees benefit from the mentoring relationship. Interested? Sign up here as a mentor or a mentee. Application deadline for the 2017-2018 pilot year is July 25, 2017. Please note that you need to be a current IEEE/GRSS member to be able to join. In this first year of the program (2017-2018), we will not include students or postdocs, but we hope to grow the program to eventually include students and postdocs. Attendance at IGARSS is not a requirement for participants, but if you are attending IGARSS, it will be a great opportunity to meet your mentor or mentee in person!

For more information, check out our website!