GRSS Election Results

The GRSS AdCom voted on November 14th for the 3 new AdCom members, including the 2 positions from Prof. P. Gamba and Prof. J. Lu, who will become ex-officio members starting January 1st, 2021.
Combined with the GRSS members’ vote earlier this year, the results are:

Antonio Plaza (3 y)
Lorenzo Bruzzone (3 y)
Jim Smith (3 y)
Mariko Burgin (3 y)
Subit Chakrabarti (3 y)
Fabio Pacifici (3 y)
Josée Lévésque (2 y)
Feng Xu (2 y)

They have also been reaffirmed by the current President, Prof. Paolo Gamba, and Executive Vice-President, Dr. David Kunkee.

The AdCom also elected Dr. David Kunkee as the 2021 GRSS President, and Dr. Mariko Burgin as 2021 Executive Vice-President.