Call for Proposals: Next GRSS Data Fusion Contest

April 28, 2020

Do you have an interesting, novel and challenging data set? Are you interested in co-organizing the next GRSS Data Fusion Contest? Then please send your proposal to by May 29. The topic for the next data fusion contest will be decided by the end of June. In your proposal, please clarify the following points:

  1. Title
  2. Partners
  3. Overview
  4. Tasks
    Please clarify:

    • Novelty in comparison to the existing competitions
    • Existence of data fusion aspects
  5. Datasets
    Please clarify the following:

    • Status and schedule: Are the data ready? Does it still need to be acquired?
    • Are reference data available?
    • Was any part of the data already published?
    • Any licensing?
    • Will the data be available after the contest?
    • Size of datasets: (tentative) number of images / scenes and (tentative), size in MB
    • Example images

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.
Best regards,
Naoto, Pedram, Ronny