Workshop on Navigating Social Anxiety in Professional Scenarios

Workshop on Navigating Social Anxiety in Professional Scenarios

GRSS Young Professionals (YP) are pleased to announce a first of its kind, interactive workshop for GRSS members. As this is an interactive workshop, you will be requested to turn on your videos at all times.

WHEN: 25th and 26th June, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM Pacific Time

WHERE: Online. The Zoom link for the workshop will be shared later. 

Register here. Please note that your responses to the questions will be evaluated and contribute to your selection for this workshop due to limited seats.

What to Expect?

Reflective and Experiential – this two days’ workshop will empower participants with meaningful personalized learnings for navigating professional social anxiety and related challenges commonly experienced in academic and professional scenarios by a young professional.

As you approach attending a conference, do you notice yourself wondering – how will I present myself in front of such highly acclaimed professionals? What’s the point of trying when I know I’m not worthy of being selected? How do I walk into a room with confidence when I know everybody there is better than me?

As a Certified Trauma Therapist, the instructor will utilize a polyvagal, and parts-work/IFS-informed approach to anxiety management and mental wellbeing that honors every individual’s unique personal and cultural experiences.

This workshop is about two days of immersing yourself in compassionate self-reflection, curiosity deep dives, carving safety and connection, through explorations and activities that maybe individual, or held in small groups. Participants will explore transforming their relationship to anxiety, and how they respond in related situations, also welcoming being in the present moment.

Importantly, the motivation for this workshop is to strengthen one’s confidence and courage to enhance one’s network, and by proxy one’s net worth, by being able to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. So let us embark on this experiential journey together!

About the Facilitator:

Saira Munsaf Khan is a certified trauma therapist (IFS & polyvagal-informed, EMDR-trained, Traumatic Stress Studies Specialist), educator, and life-skills facilitator. She is the founder of ‘Voice of Wellbeing’, providing trauma-informed and culturally responsive online psychotherapy for adults, and wellbeing consultancy for individuals and organizations.

Saira is currently a Licensed Psychotherapist in Ontario and Nova Scotia, is a Professional Member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and was formerly a licensed Social Therapist (Psychologist) in Dubai, UAE.

She earned her M.Ed in Counselling from Acadia University (2023), Masters in Psychology from New School for Social Research (2009, Fulbright Scholar), and was the Gold medalist in her MSc in Applied Psychology (2006, Clinical concentration).

Saira has extensive experience in facilitating healing and growth for people around the globe, across rural and urban communities, offering services in English, Urdu/Hindi, and Punjabi. May it be navigating trauma, daily stressors, life transitions, or various emotional and psychological challenges of one’s inner and the external world, Saira will accompany you in your flourishing journey with compassion and a deep awareness of trauma, culture, and psychology, and support you to feel safe, seen, and secure in relationship to your own self and others.